ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A 1. a) Who is the author of “Language of Paradox”?Cleanth Brooks.b) In what literary genre is “Language of Paradox” categorized?Literary criticism.c) What is the central theme explored by Cleanth Brooks in the essay?Paradox in poetry.d) Define the term “paradox” as discussed by Brooks in the essay.Contradictory elements coexisting.e)

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A 1. a) Who is often considered the author of the first known literary work in Sanskrit, marking the beginning of classical literature in India?Ans:Vyasa.b) What are the three major ancient Indian languages in which classical literature was primarily written?Ans:Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit.c) Which ancient Indian text is considered the

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A 1. a. POSDCORB view of administration was developed by ———.Ans:Luther Gulick.b. Profit motive is a feature of ———administration.Ans:Private.c. ——— is regarded as the modern father of Public Administration.Ans:Woodrow Wilson.d. ——— proposed bureaucratic theory in administration.Ans:Max Weber.e. ——— is the chief exponent of Scientific Theory of Management.Ans:Frederick Taylor.f. The

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A 1. a. When the study of Comparative Politics became significant? Ans:Depends.b. ——— is the main Advocate of System Approach.Ans: David Easton.c. What is the main reason for the decline of Colonialism?Ans:Decolonization.d. Who was the main advocate of the Philosophical Approach?Ans:Plato.e. ———– spreads Free Market Economy.Ans:Capitalism.f. Who is the author

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A 1. a) Define communication in one sentence.  Ans:Communication is the exchange of information between individuals or entities through the transmission and reception of signals, signs, or messages.b) What is the primary purpose of communication? Ans: The primary purpose of communication is to convey information, ideas, or emotions between individuals

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A 1. a) Who is the author of ‘Ghosts’? Ans: Henrik Ibsen.b) What is the central theme of ‘Ghosts’? Ans: Inheritance and societal expectations.c) In which theatrical period does ‘Ghosts’ belong? Ans: Realism.d) What societal issue does ‘Ghosts’ critique?Ans: Moral and social conventions.e) Name the central character in ‘Ghosts.’Ans: Mrs. Alving.f) When was ‘Ghosts’

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A i) Write two examples of man-made disasters.Ans: Nuclear meltdown, industrial spills.ii) For the management of disaster, the Odisha Government has constituted______Ans: Disaster Response Force.iii) What is population density?Ans: People per area.iv) What is the birth rate?Ans: Number of births.v) In which year the Environmental Protection Act was enacted?Ans: 1986vi) In which year Wildlife

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A 1. Answer all the questions each within one sentence. (1X10 =10 Marks) a) When did Islam come to India?Ans:Islam came to India in the 7th century AD, with the arrival of Arab traders and the establishment of early Islamic communities.b) When did the realist approach strengthen in India’s

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A (a) What is Research? Ans: Research is a systematic and organized process of inquiry aimed at discovering, interpreting, and expanding knowledge through the collection and analysis of information. (b) Which type of Method is more effective when the size of the population is large?Ans: A sampling method, particularly a representative

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ASSIGNMENT-I GROUP-A (a) Joseph E. Stiglitz is the author of ‘Making Globalization Work’. (b) WTO is serving as the successor to General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). (c) First NAM Conference was held in Belgrade in the year 1961. (d) Anthony Giddens said “the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distantlocalities in

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